When you need advice for what is happening in the world right now as it affects your business, you don’t have time to take a course and become the expert. You need to tap into knowledge of those who have already figured out the next steps.

This compilation of interviews was taken in the first 6 months of the pandemic when the world was both at a standstill and changing moment to moment. Decision-making was difficult at best and there was a collective fog of emotion that clouded the question of, “What do we do now?”. Covering everything from Strategy to Diversity, Finance to Mindset, these 47 interviews speak to the need in the moment and business truths that transcended the situation.

Included in these pages you will find:

  • The underutilized well of creativity and growth potential that exists for every business.
  • The formula for reaching prospects and closing sales no matter the environment.
  • The one thing that makes the difference between businesses that thrive and those that fold in a crisis.

This is your tap, directly into the minds of business owners and experts with the exact information you need right now to overcome your challenges, optimize your business, and grow even when there is chaos around you. 

Nettie Owens, CPO-CD® works with high achiever business owners to ensure they reach their growth goals without burning out or sacrificing the people they care about the most.  You can follow her at NettieOwens.com


“Nettie Owens has compiled a treasure trove of wisdom from a diverse group of interviewees. Asking the right questions to experts in several fields, she has uncovered and cataloged valuable insights that will help the reader adjust to the world of COVID-19. Readable and relatable, this book will be useful long after the Pandemic is consigned to distant memory”

Bruce M. Casner

CEO, Morgan Casner Associates Washington, DC
“What others take half an hour or longer to say, Nettie Owens and her guests express in 10 minutes. In Professional Organizer fashion, Owens organizes her content, highlights the most salient points, and provides action bites for next steps.”

- Besty Hall,

Trident Communications

“What Businesses Need to Know Right Now is packed with great info from a variety of experts. It is an easy read, and I love that each section ends with the three top takeaways.”

- Suzanne Moore,

Suzanne T Moore Coaching

“What Businesses Need to Know Right Now is packed with great info from a variety of experts. It is an easy read, and I love that each section ends with the three top takeaways.”

Cindy Sullivan,

CB Sullivan Consulting

“What Businesses Need to Know Right Now, brings together a treasure trove of industry experts that deliver value on each and every single page. No matter where you are in business, the message is clear – opportunity is all around you, no matter what economic indicators may point to”

Cat Stancik,

Lead Boss

“This book is right on time and simultaneously timeless. These interviews in various business segments get you back to basics. In these short to the point master classes with leaders in their field cut the fluff and tells you “What Businesses Need To Know”

EJ Cutliff, Esoteric Sports Alliance,

Black In Sports Podcast

“As a small business owner, I was fascinated by the amount of information in these interviews which I look forward to modifying and then applying. This book will be a valuable resource for me, and others, for many years to come.” 

Diane Quintana

DNQ Solutions

“Nettie has this wonderfully effortless way of pulling loads of value out of the guests she interviews. It’s as if her conversational style was meant for the printed page. I look forward to even more from her in the future! ” 

Andrew Kap,

Author of “The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need To Read"


  1. A Marketing Plan Is A Living Document with Gerri Knilans
  2. A Business That’s Representative of Who You Are with Keri Herdon-Brown
  3. Blindspots with Keith Daw
  4. Secret Weapons for Business with Scot MacTaggart
  5. Opportunities Exist Everywhere with Ben Chai
  6. Revenue Kung Fu with Erik Luhrs
  7. Adaptation in Delivering Medicine with Dr. Ernesto Gutierrez
  1. Defy the Status Quo with Ruthie Bowles
  2. Build Relationships Through Emotion with Susan Rosea
  3. Clear, Consistent Communication with Jennifer McGinley
  4. Be More Than a Walking Business Card with Rebecca Klein Scott & Keith Scott
  5. Storytelling Through Podcasts with Joey Held
  6. The Experience Economy with Nathan Wilard
  1. Prepare for All Seasons with Caitlin Doemner
  2. Start & Continue the Conversation with Cat Stancik
  3. Don’t Stop Selling with Jeff Pugel
  4. Create Your Conversion Equation with Terri Levine
  5. Leadership Spiritual Leadership with Dana Moore
  6. Leadership Can (and Should) Be Taught with Vanessa Judelman
  7. Engage in Transparency to Create True Partnership with Skip Weisman
  8. Conscious Leadership with Candice Kingston
  9. Financial Create a Cash Flow Strategy with Camille Nisich
  10. Integrating Business & Personal Finance with Jason Howell
  11. Allow Your Agent to Be a Trusted Advisor with Kieffer Rittenhouse
  12. Health Care Cost Containment with Allison de Paoli
  13. Do Your Research on Tax Strategies with Murray Beaulieu
  1. Establish Partnerships with Elizabeth Dodson
  2. Virtual Networking with Jim Ries
  3. Utilize Emotional Brand Intelligence™ with Mark Firth
  4. Be  Yourself On Camera with Brighton West
  5. Build An Alchemy Network with Dov Gordon
  1. Recruiting with Jennifer Mastor
  2. Hiring with Jennifer Mastor
  3. Value Your People with Bob Graham
  4. Business & Mental Health with Fred Chanteau
  1. Embrace Diversity to Build A Better Workplace with Dr. Aparajita Jeedigunta
  2. Be Interested and Listen with Kachelle Kelly
  3. Be Willing to Converse with Dr. Rochelin Herold
  4. Creating a Safe Space for Conversation with Bob Graham
  1. Cybersecurity with Ryan Barrett 
  1. Focus On Physical Health with Melissa Wolak
  2. Adjust Your Mindset with Andrew Mellen
  3. Working With Your Life Partner with Amy Lindner-Lesser
  4. Tap Into Your Natural Intuition with Victoria Whitfield
  5. Lessons From ADHD with Dr. Ari Tuckman
  6. The Next Right Thing, For the Right Reasons, With the Right Heart with Randy Pryor
  7. Mindset Is An Inside Job with Blanca Vergara

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