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Lead Boss Jump Start

"Instant access to the tools need to unlock More LEADS... More SALES... More FREEDOM... IN AN HOUR OR LESS PER DAY."
Cat Stancik, Action Incubator
Value for offer: $997


How to rapidly gain control of your healthcare spend without passing off the costs to your employees
Allison De Paoli
Value for offer: $1,000

Become the best homeowner you can with easy home management tools.

Get 15% off an annual subscription on HomeZada Premium or Deluxe Use Coupon Code: zadanow
Elizabeth Dodson

How To Reconnect With Your Wife, Even If She's "DONE."

Get some immediate answers by taking this short quiz.
Randy Pryor

Practice Diagnostic Assessment

How well are you marketing your practice?
Dr Ernesto MD
Value for offer: $247

5-Day Podcast Starter Challenge

Learn everything you need to know about starting a podcast in just five days. By the end, you'll be ready to launch it to the world!
Joey Held
Value for offer: $250

Switch self doubt for unwavering self confidence

The 3 ancestral patterns that keep women playing small and how to transform them into authentic power
Blanca Vergara
Value for offer: $297

Complimentary Marketing Plan Evaluation

To be successful, every company needs a written and actionable marketing plan. Our experts will review your existing plan and make specific recommendations to help you maximize your outreach and grow your business.
Gerri Knilans, President, Trade Press Services
Value for offer: $500

7 Cash Flow Leaks to Plug BEFORE You Make Your Next Sale

Stop draining profits
Camille Nisich
Value for offer: $97

TWO FREE Pitchwerks Pitch Gym Guest Passes

Get two free practice sessions in the Pitchwerks pitch gym with the group code NETTIE on your application.
Scot MacTaggart
Value for offer: $65

Lead Magnet Quiz Audit

Ellen Koronet, Quiz Methodologist, will evaluate your assessment or quiz opportunity, or will provide expert tips on how to improve an existing one.
Ellen Koronet
Value for offer: $97

"The Ultimate Abundance" Guided Money Meditation

A guided meditation designed to help you shift your mindset and vibration to more easily attract abundance into your life, financial or otherwise. One of the most popular methods from the Amazon best-seller "The Last Law of Attraction Book You'll Ever Need To Read."
Andrew Kap
Value for offer:

Zone of Higher Performance Coaching

Get Into your Zone of Higher Performance. Discover how to get more results using less energy by focusing on well-being. Stop wanting to be good, be well, you'll be excellent.
Luc Cardinal n.c.
Value for offer: $450

Trademark Like A Boss: The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Protecting Your Brand

Every business needs a unique and protected brand to stand out, prevent consumer confusion, ward off theft, and avoid a rebrand for violating someone else’s trademark rights. A registered trademark is a powerful tool that gives you exclusive rights to use a name, logo, or slogan nationwide, and the ability to take legal action against anyone who infringes upon it.
Radiance W. Harris, Esq.
Value for offer: $24.97

National Professional Recruiter & Career Consultant

Half off your first Consulting appointment
Use my email to send me your resume so I can book the time for you.
Jennifer Lee Mastor
Value for offer: $300 per hour,

7 Ways to Unblock Your Marketing Mindset

Mindfully Market and Attract Intentional Buyers
Marketing Mindset-Strategies Pdf-Request
Wendy H Manganaro
Value for offer: $100

Time Management for Virtual Meetings from the CRUX Learning Series #ProductivityInTheWild

Follow up offer: Need this presentation at your organization? Great news: CRUX will be offering their 20-minute jumpstart for FREE for any group until this pandemic is over. If we have to be on these calls, let’s at least make them less painful. To schedule your presentation please reach out to Offer Link
Laura Reiss CRUX Organizing
Value for offer: $100 per hour,

Your True You Digital Vision Board Course

Turn your dreams into your reality with this self-paced digital vision board that includes: four video modules with detailed, easy-to follow instructions for using the vision board technology, a comprehensive course workbook, lifetime membership to the True You Online Community and a continuously updated member portal.
Andrea Mastrobattista
Value for offer: $149.00

Free Marketing Consultation

Have a marketing issue/idea? Let's talk it out and I'll give you some insight!
Sean Sutherland, Chief Marketing Officer
Value for offer: $500

Free Attorney Meeting

FREE 30 minute meeting with an attorney in our firm who will offer FREE legal advice for your business related legal inquiry.
Just email me at
Jim Ries
Value for offer: $200 - $300

Career Consulting

30 minutes of consultation regarding career transition or improvement
Jennifer L Berns-Mastor
Value for offer: 30 minutes of free consulting advice for your career

25 Things Every Coach Should Automate

Reclaim your time by automating tasks in your coaching business. Focus on coaching and automate the rest!
Dr. Denise Dennis, Action Accelerated
Value for offer: $97

The WHY Workshop

Clearly identify the WHY energy that fuels your brand and your business.
Ruthie Bowles
Value for offer: $77

7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Editor

Not all editors are equal. Do you know what kind of editor you need for your publication? Or whose energy is best suited for your work?
Deborah Kevin , Chief Inspiration Officer
Value for offer: Priceless

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